Back Squat


70-75% of 1RM

Rest 3mins between sets.

3 rounds

400 Meter Run

20 Toes to Bar

30 Walking Lunges DBs 22.5/15


Thruster Speed Work

3 sets of 25 reps for absolute speed

*Every set should be done as fast as possible

*All movement standards still need to be hit

*Weight can go up throughout the sets but should be between 25 and 35% of 1 rep max

*Rest as needed between sets

Mobility- Hip Medial Rotation

Accumulate 50-100 knee to floor rotations

*Sit with hands behind and on your bottom, feet in front and knees up.

*Feet should be double hip width apart.

Alternating, drop one knee down to try and touch the floor keeping your foot in place.

*Repeat on other leg.